Item:  Wallet with 2 x A4 nested plus up to 2 inserts

Format ID:  226

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This format is a wrapped product printed using variable digital print. It consists of 2 x A4 Letter with a tipped-on card enclosed in a  C5 Outer Wallet. All items are printed digitally and fully personalised.

The use of variable digital print allows the message to be tailored to the recipient. As both the Outer Wallet and 2 x Letter are printed digitally they can both be fully variably personalised. This ensures your creative message on the Letter can be reflected on the Outer Wallet to ensure it is opened. You can also mix different brands to reduce the number of separate mailings you need produce and improve your postage tariff. You are also able to add 6 additional inserts. The tipped-on card can be personalised and matched to the pack.


  • Engaging
  • Flexible
  • Personalised
  • Fully variable colour

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